Saturday, October 11, 2008

Special Force Wallhack

First of all, I'm not the one who create this program and i did not edit it. I leeched it at posted by madapakasanasabato and OceanicHackZ

How to config/use SF Wallhack?

1. Download Special Force Wallhack

2. Extract the files of sucrose.rar

3. Open the folder OMFGZ folder

4. Open the pink.exe and minimize it

5. Open the injector.exe

6. Change the Gunz.exe at the Box of Process EXE name: to specialforce.exe

7. Click the Select Dlls at the right side and open the pink.dll

8. Open your Special Force Game(or the dflauncher.exe not specialforce.exe)
9. Put your User ID and Password then Login

10. There is a pop up, just click OK and FINISH

What is the controls for SF Wallhack?

Numpad 1 = On/Off Crosshair(Color White)
Numpad 2 = On/Off Wallhack
Numpad 3 = On/Off Fog
Numpad 4 = Fully Brightness
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