Monday, May 24, 2010

Lasik Patient Advocacy USAEyes

USAEyes is the Council for Refractive Surgery Quality Assurance, a nonprofit Lasik patient advocacy organization. For over a decade USAEyes has helped patients learn important issues about Lasik and similar vision correction surgery.

  • The USAEyes website complies with the Health On The Net code standard for trustworthy health information.
  • USAEyes has been cited in Newsweek, US News & World Report, CBS News, National Public Radio, NBC Nightly News, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fox News, Associated Press, MSNBC, and Oprah!
  • The USAEyes CORE Patient Survey reports real-world Lasik results as reported by Lasik patients.
  • Patients use the USAEyes Ask a Lasik Expert forum to post questions and receive researched answers to their questions both before surgery and after.
  • The USAEyes 50 Tough Questions for Your Lasik Doctor can help anyone avoid a bad Lasik doctor.
  • Maybe Lasik is not right for you. At USAEyes, all the vision correction surgery alternatives like PRK, LASEK, Epi-Lasik, RLE, and PIOL are discussed in detail.
  • USAEyes evaluates the Lasik results of individual doctors and certifies if they meet their exacting standards.
  • A US Congressional subcommittee cited USAEyes as a reliable source of Lasik information.
  • Representatives of USAEyes have testified before the FDA about Lasik patient advocacy.

For more info visit: USAEyes
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Friday, May 21, 2010

Pac-Man's 30th anniversary

Google celebrate Pac-Man's 30th anniversary by making a logo. Well, this is not an ordinary logo because you can play it like a flash game. You can control by using arrows or clicking the left mouse. This is my first time to see a playable logo :) and I liked it very much, I did play six times (I think because I remember my childhood hihih!) Hopefully my site will be listed on Google's Doodle too!(LOL! In my dream!)
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Thursday, May 6, 2010

How to Earn Money on Twitter

SponsoredTweets referral badgeDo you know what Sponsored Tweets is?

Well, you can earn money easily with Sponsored Tweets in just a minute.
Wanna know how?

First, you need to sign up here .
You can log on by your Twitter account.
Just wait for the message that you have an offer from advertisers.
Just follow the instructions, you need to tweet what they have told you to tweet.
After that,  the advertisers will be notify that you did your job.
Wait for 1-2 days for the payment if you've done it correctly
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Monday, April 26, 2010

April EB of AMATSians

Friday, 23rd of April 2010.

First of all, thanks to blujam for the lunch. I really enjoyed that day with my friends, even though some of our members didn't make it because of some reasons. By the way I've already met some of them except blujam, rhyza, shobe and lionheart_7. Hope to see all our members soon!

I miss you all AMATSians!
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Saturday, February 20, 2010

PTC: NeoBux scam or not?

Are you joking?

NeoBux is the very trusted PTC ever!
So that this PTC site is not a scam.
And the good thing here is they Paying Instantly

And here is the proof.
I request my Payments from NeoBux
February 20 and when i go to my PayPal
I receive it instantly!

This is the Best and Trusted PTC I promise!

If you want to register just Click Here.

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PTC: TrekPay scam or not?

Of course TrekPay is not a scam PTC site,

And I can prove it to you.
I did request my Payments last February 11
and they paid me at February 18

This is what I've got from TrekPay

They only accepting PayPal account to receive your payments.
If you want to register just simply Click HERE. It's free.

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne: Dota Maphack

Well, this Map Hack is from TDT_ of GamerzPlanet. I just want to share this.

This Maphack working with version 1.24, 1.23, 1.21 and 1.20e

1. Download GarenaHack TDT
2. If you dont have uncompressor, download 7zip or WinRAR.

3. Extract the GarenaHack_TDT_05-12.rar in your Garena folder.
4. Open _LoadGarena_Hack_.exe

5. Choose your Language with Portugues and English.

6. Click Register, then register to the forum that appears.
7. Put your mytdt username and password then login.

8. Then click Start Garena and its done.

Shortcut Keys:

F5 -> SuperPosition
F6 -> TradeRes
F7 -> MapHack Fog
F8 -> MapHack

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