Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Special Force Wallhack

I update my blog again about SF WallHack !! But again... this is not mine hahah !! I only wanted to share what I've learned by reading some forums. So first of all these 2 guys anony01981 and daryllrab8 post their SF Wall hack at and I study this tutorial as fast as I can so I can share to you guys

just follow the steps.

1. Download Daemon & Sucrose
Note: If you dont have any Extractor download -> 7zip

2. Extract and Install the daemon347.exe

3. After the installation, open the daemon tools

4. RIGHT click the red icon/Virtual DAEMON Manager at the left of the time
5. Click Virtual CD/DVD-ROM> Set number of devices> 1 drive

6. LEFT click the red icon/Virtual DAEMON Manager
7. Click Device 0: [ ] No media

8. Browse the sucrose.iso and open it

9. Open OMFGZ MultiDll Injector.exe

10: Choose your Dll's> Browse the sucrose.dll
11. Type in Process EXE name: "specialforce.exe"

12. Open Special Force, Login then Start Game

13. A pop-up window will appear then press "ok"

14. If OMFGZ MultiDll Injector.exe gone, LEFT click the red icon/Virtual DAEMON Manager
15. Click Unmount all drives, and its done.
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