Thursday, August 6, 2009

Special Force Wallhack (Wireframe)

Lester_of_kc a member of release his a undetected wallhack(wireframe) for Special Force Philippines. This is easy to run, but something difficult to use (in my experience).

I tried already the USB method here and its really works.

1. Download this for extracting 7zip
2. Download Lester Wallhack
3. Just extract the lester_of_k_WH.rar
4. Open lester_of_kc.exe
5. Run Special Force
6. Start and Play


Q = on/off

Thanks to Lester_of_kc and


Anonymous said...

Thanks! its working fine

Anonymous said...

i like to be ur friend.. ^_^

Anonymous said...

hei my friend..
^_^.. good job its working well!
just a thought...
meron ka ba nun wall hack na pinagsamang wireframe ska un may color un sa sucrose?

il be waiting for your reply.
Here is my email my friend...

Thanks ^_+

ako un nag post ng comment un sa taas nito.

kei ki on August 10, 2009 said...

Thanks, i dont have what you want but i will try to search on it,

BTW i think sucrose is still working, just do timing before you unmount/remove the cd/is/usb

Anonymous said...

kua bt gnun
pg nsa game n mya2 lng detec na???
plsss help tnx reply

Anonymous said...

the wallhack is not working anymore after the maintenance.. pls fixed as soon as possible. thnx
~regard kei ki

Anonymous said...

hi kei ki,

detected na naman po ito after the maintenance today po.
i hope that you can find another working wallhack po.
and if you dnt mind, please send it to my email address?
thanks in advance..

this is madel.

kei ki on August 11, 2009 said...

Try to play the timing of unmounting or removing the WH

taongbundok said...

thanks, its working but little bit hard to use.. =))

retrakcim on August 11, 2009 said...

tnx a lot bro..

its working but not for long its been dtected afterwards..
my sucrose kanaba kuya.. pls
ask naman 1 of them.. wala me idea how to get it..

best regards.. hers my mail kuya..
retrakcm@y.c tnx a lot regards..

Anonymous said...

hi kei ki its working fine at the start of the game then suddenly i dc from i doing something wrong?pls help me ty

Anonymous said...

its detected during gameplay bro.. do u have updates?

kemlyn29 on August 15, 2009 said...

can any one pass me a wall frame plsss this my yahoomail ty i hope i will get a wall frame

kemlyn29 on August 15, 2009 said...

can i have a wire frame or color wall this my yahoomail plss pass to me the wall hack or wire frame ty

Anonymous said...

Can i Get The Latest Wallhack Just Send it to my Yahoomail or thx for send

and more power to this site

Eternal LUV on August 17, 2009 said...

Hi what is this post talking about?
Sorry , i dont understand.

Anybody can go to follow me at

[-LOL-]JADE said...

hey add me kuya kei ki. pa2ro ako... ty

jade_sabejon (YM) (FS)


[-LOL-]JADE said...

why when I open the sf it's so very lag. what will I do?? kuya kei ki??
help po
jade_sabejon (YM) (FS)

Anonymous said...

how to use this engine
can u help me
please mail me

vicy on August 25, 2009 said...

Hopping here..Hope you can visit me back..God Bless!!

*ToRcH*Blue on August 27, 2009 said...

Elow pasaHan Mko Ng BaGonG WIREFRAME plss.

Thankz d KC Ako MruNonG NG 7zip na yan eh..

ung BagOnG WireFrame.dll plss.. thanks po..

Anonymous said...

kua!!pwede mka hinge ng Wh mo!!!gusto subukan!!!plzzz!!!
e2 pla e mail ko!!!

thnks!!!paturo na rin ako!!!f panu gmitin!!1

paul said...

...'ahm kuya penge nmn po nun bago nyong wallhack puro na ddtecd na po eh plssss e2 po pla email ko

thanks po

anonymous said...

gumagana tnx!
pero nka2hilo!

Anonymous said...

amp kau lhat pro kau asa sa cheat mga disperado b kau kya gusto nnyu ng waller ndi kau lalakas sa daya yan mga tnga b kau!!!!!!!!!!!!............

not123mo on September 25, 2009 said...

gumagana pa ba 2 ngaun???

olay on October 01, 2009 said...

detected na i2 paps...

wla nba kaung bagu na wall hack?


Anonymous said...

kya papasa sa mail ko thnks ihope pasa mo

Anonymous said...

kya papasasa mail ko sa tnks i hope pasa mo sa kin!!!!!!!!!

Yhum Yhum on October 04, 2009 said...

bago na pala template mo :D add mo ko blogroll mo ah hehehe :D


Miss AiE on October 04, 2009 said...

bago pala template mo :D

add mo ko blogroll mo ah :D

tenkyu :P

Anonymous said...

Its working but 30 sec then it's detected. Nice one bro any new version of it? Appreciate it a lot Thanks!

chiko on October 17, 2009 said...

guyz pa pass nmn po ng wallhack ung updated pa send po sakin pati palagay ng instruction thnx..
e2 email ko>

Anonymous said...

oi pre turuan mo pa me ng mga cheats panu ba i download toh dadownload pa ba pre ung zip na nakasulat dito

reply ka pre

Anonymous said...

won galing nyu naman!!!

pede pasahan nyu aq e2 po yung wmail ko

tnx po sana pasahan nyu ako nyan (^~)

Anonymous said...

sana po pasahan nyu rin ako ng wallhack nyu

e2 po yung email q

TNX sana pasa nyu rin ako para masaya

Anonymous said...

hi po kuya,,

pwd pu bang ipasa mu sken wallhack e2 pu email qu...

tnx..more power

Anonymous said...

kuya meun ka pung auto glitch
just email me on my ym


Anonymous said...

i'm selling the latest wallhack in sf, still undetected..
add me at ym for more info thank you.

Anonymous said...

selling? eh di nga sayo? kung mag sell ka yung sarili mong gawa, hindi yung nagbebenta ka ng hindi sayo

trigger on November 22, 2009 said...

30pesos smart load lang po... for sf wallhack


:tagos bala sa office lang.

2 weeks ko n po ginagamit
nadaanan n ko ng maintenance di po ito na detect... just pm in ym d_crazyone

trigger on November 22, 2009 said...

selling wallhack 30pesos smart load lang po pm me sa ym d_crazyone

di pa poito na dedetect 2 weeks ko n pong gamit....

water proof
tagos bala sa office and sub.

Miss AiE on December 29, 2009 said...

buhay pa pala blog mo :D

kei ki on December 29, 2009 said...

Mejo po :) gusto ko mag post kaya lang walang time eh :) di ka nag oOL sa YM?

Anonymous said...

detected na po e2 ngaun plss kung may bago po pm me sa ym

or post an update... tnx man!

Anonymous said...

can i get a latest wallhack??

here's my email..

tenkz a lot in advance ^_^..

hope u can help me ..

Anonymous said...

paSahan nio nmn aq wallhack e2 Ym...q lorenzo_bascao!!!tnx^^

Anonymous said...

Sir ano ibig sabihin ng unable to create a remote thread? pls help... d pa ako nkkgmit ng kht anong WH hehehe atleast good job sir sa hack

pa send pls if updated na thx

jairus on September 05, 2010 said...

kua its detected na po need to make other ..

bbQQ on February 05, 2012 said...

AKO MERUNG WALLHACK d2... Sobrang 1Month ko na 2ng Ginagamit...
Binibinta ko... 10pesos Load..
Nka WinRar sa USB ko..PWD ko Pasa sa Email niu...
PM lang me sa FB/Email.
Always Naman akong ONLine..

-Crosshair 1-5
-Player Chams
-Player Colors
-ASUS Wallhack
-Primary Wireframe
-Secondary Wireframe...



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