Friday, July 11, 2008

EA Simulation: MySims

EA announced that the successful Wii and DS versions of The Sims, MySims, will be coming to the PC in the fall. This is an unexpected move for the company, with many thinking another Wii game would be the next step for this child friendly version of the people simulator.

But rather than straight port of the game, the PC version will have a lot more content than the console original, from Online extras to new characters.

MySims takes the basic idea of The Sims, and melds it into a goal driven adventure that sees your self-created character fulfilling tasks from other people in your village. It is more like Animal Crossing than the Sims to be fair, which was a large part of the success it had on the Wii. EA beat Nintendo to the punch, releasing an Animal Crossing style game before Ninty had even announced one.



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