Friday, July 11, 2008

Firefly: Stronghold Crusader

Crusader provides huge armies and huge battles - over 10000 units on the battle field. New buildings – Outposts provide hordes of attacking enemies to deal with. Battlefield powers – Reinforcement, bombard and heal powers can be used, no, MUST be used to defend against the waves of attacking enemies

Crusader Extreme trail - A heavy duty, 20 mission trail that will test the nerves of even the most hardened ‘Stronghold Crusader’ expert!

Compatible with Microsoft Vista

5 new A.I. opponents:

° The Wazir – Fiery tempered and aggressive
° The Marshal - Old and old school, he favours his knights
° The Emir - don’t let his kindly nature fool you!
° The Abbot - His monks defend more then the faith!
° The Nizar – Silent and deadly

30 new stand alone maps that can be played in multiplayer or single player skirmish.

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